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Vancouver Island Voice Overs is a not-for-profit group of voice talent *networking to build community and foster education and inspiration.

group for all those interested in the world of voice over acting. Whether you are looking to learn more about the field, actively growing your business, a professional voiceover talent or just love performing…you may find something in this group! 

Our collective meets a couple of times a month for a mixture of social and education/training.  

*networking means: “The exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting.”


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Join us at our next


Join us at our next

Yes!  Read this Reality Check.

Reality #1.

Ask yourself WHY you want to get into voice over, and WHAT you want to get out of a voice over career. It is important to have a clear vision, and adjust/update it frequently.

Reality #2.

You will invest a lot of time getting ready to launch your VO career.

Reality #3.

You will be your own marketer. You will establish a brand. You will flog yourself shamelessly and relentlessly.

Reality #4.

You will spend a lot of time researching. You should spend a lot of time researching! There is so much to learn and things change quickly.

Reality #5.

Working in VO can be a lot of fun, it can be very collegial, and it can also be pretty lonely. It’s important to be resilient.

Once you have done your own reality check, you may find it useful to complete this Voiceover Entrance Exam by Peter O’Connell –


*Get comfortable with your voice.

        -take an acting class

        -do improv

        -read aloud

        -listen to the genre you want to work in; listen a lot.

-do breathing exercises and warm ups (tongue-twisters)

-take courses (online or through studios)

*Meet people in VO. Ask questions.

*Follow VO talent on social media.

*Research. (see links)

The best advice is to get some work before you invest in a studio. They’re not cheap!

You can do initial work in a closet with lots of clothes to absorb sound. You can borrow/rent a sound studio. Some people record in their vehicles.

Research. If you google How to build a soundproof booth, you will get 222,000 hits!

Basically, you will need:

*a microphone along with a stand and shock mount

*a pop filter

*an audio interface (pre-amp)

*headphones, and

*a computer.

 For the very best technical advice — for all levels — George Whittam is highly recommended.


Well now, that depends on your budget, where you are recording, the audio interface (mic pre-amp) you are using, the purpose of the recording, and your voice.

Microphones can be rented for trial periods (Long and McQuade). VIVO hosts“microphone shoot outs” for VO talent to try out different mics. It is a good idea to try out several in your price range before you commit.

Here is a professional shoot out:




Google VO microphones. There are MILLIONS of links.

Audacity (free) 

Garageband (free, for Mac) However, not ideal for advanced audio editing.

Pro Tools


Twisted Wave (for Mac, $79.90), one track for VO, easy to work and to edit.

P2P = “Pay to Play” sites.

If you choose to find work via P2P, please be sure to do your due diligence, as many of these  P2P sites aren’t what they appear to be. Listed below are the only ethical P2P websites that VIVO has come to know and recommend for those interested in this avenue of voice over work!





Tap into local markets

Notice where voices are used in your locale. Market yourself to be “the new voice of…”.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn for connections

Also use real social contacts (friends, colleagues, family)

Be Creative!



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